List of largest land carnivorans

This list contains terrestrial members of the order Carnivora with an average reported mass of 160 kilograms (350 lb) or more, all bears and pantherine cats.

RankCommon nameFamilyAverage
mass (kg)
Native range
by continent
1Polar bearUrsidae360North America, Eurasia
2Brown bearUrsidae318North America, Eurasia, formerly Africa
4LionFelidae200AfricaAsia. formerly Europe
5American black bearUrsidae159North America
6Asiatic black bearUrsidae136Asia
7Spectacled bearUrsidae136South America
8Sloth bearUrsidae136Asia
9JaguarFelidae113North America, South America
10Giant pandaUrsidae113Asia

List of James Bond films

TitleYearBond actorDirector
Dr. No1962Sean ConneryTerence Young
From Russia with Love1963Sean ConneryTerence Young
Goldfinger1964Sean ConneryGuy Hamilton
Thunderball1965Sean ConneryTerence Young
You Only Live Twice1967Sean ConneryLewis Gilbert
On Her Majesty’s Secret Service1969George LazenbyPeter R. Hunt
Diamonds Are Forever1971Sean ConneryGuy Hamilton
Live and Let Die1973Roger MooreGuy Hamilton
The Man with the Golden Gun1974Roger MooreGuy Hamilton
The Spy Who Loved Me1977Roger MooreLewis Gilbert
Moonraker1979Roger MooreLewis Gilbert
For Your Eyes Only1981Roger MooreJohn Glen
Octopussy1983Roger MooreJohn Glen
A View to a Kill1985Roger MooreJohn Glen
The Living Daylights1987Timothy DaltonJohn Glen
Licence to Kill1989Timothy DaltonJohn Glen
GoldenEye1995Pierce BrosnanMartin Campbell
Tomorrow Never Dies1997Pierce BrosnanRoger Spottiswoode
The World Is Not Enough1999Pierce BrosnanMichael Apted
Die Another Day2002Pierce BrosnanLee Tamahori
Casino Royale2006Daniel CraigMartin Campbell
Quantum of Solace2008Daniel CraigMarc Forster
Skyfall2012Daniel CraigSam Mendes
Spectre2015Daniel CraigSam Mendes
No Time to Die2021Daniel CraigCary Joji Fukunaga