Kinzua Bridge

The Kinzua Bridge or the Kinzua Viaduct was a railroad trestle that spanned Kinzua Creek in McKean County in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania. The bridge was 301 feet (92 m) tall and 2,052 feet (625 m) long. Most of its structure collapsed during a tornado in July 2003. Billed as the “Eighth Wonder of […]

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Brian Kelly (American football coach)

Brian Keith Kelly (born October 25, 1961) is a football coach in the United States who is presently the head coach at Louisiana State University (LSU). Kelly formerly coached at Grand Valley State University (1991–2003), Central Michigan University (2004–2006), the University of Cincinnati (2006–2009), and the University of Notre Dame (2010–2021). In 2002 and 2003,

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Berlin is Germany’s capital and largest city in terms of both area and population. Berlin, one of Germany’s sixteen component states, is surrounded by the State of Brandenburg and is next to Potsdam, the capital of Brandenburg. Berlin’s urban area, with a population of roughly 4.5 million people, is Germany’s second most populated urban region

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Bavaria, formally the Free State of Bavaria, is a federal state in Germany’s south-east. With a surface size of 70,550.19 square kilometers (27,239.58 square miles), Bavaria is the biggest German state by land area, accounting for nearly one-fifth of Germany’s total land area. Munich (the state capital), Nuremberg, and Augsburg are the major cities in

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