List of people from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

This is a list of notable  who were born, or who have lived in Lancaster , .

Andrew J. Feustel, NASA astronaut

William Addams (1777–1858), U.S. representative

David Hayes Agnew (1818–1892), surgeon

Chas Alecxih, defensive lineman

Andy Baldwin, U.S. Navy lieutenant and physician, bachelor of season 10 of The Bachelor

James Buchanan (1791-1868), 15th of the

Thomas Burch (1778–1849), Methodist circuit rider

Simon Cameron (1799–1889), Secretary of

Diane Cluck, -

Jim Clymer, 2012 vice-presidential nominee of  Constitution Party, party chairman

Lewis Cohen, playing card manufacturer

Adam Cole, professional wrestler

Michael Deibert, journalist, author

Charles Demuth (1883-1935),

Jon  (born Chet Anuszak), born in Lancaster

William Duchman (1809-1881), legislator and sawmill operator

Gretchen Egolf, actress, sister of Tristan Egolf

Tristan Egolf (1971-2005), novelist, author, activist

Andrew Ellicott (1754-1820), surveyor

Michael Erlewine, founder of All Guide (AMG)

FFH, Contemporary Christian band

Robert Fulton (1765-1815), engineer, inventor, creator of Clermont steamboat

Jim Furyk, professional golfer

Cam Gallagher, professional player

Gene Garber, Major League relief pitcher

Jennifer Gareis, actress and 1994 Miss

Lewis E. Gettle, Assemblyman and lawyer

Matt Greiner, drummer of metalcore band August Burns Red

Jonathan Groff, and who originated role of “Melchior” in the Broadway musical Spring Awakening

Edward Hand (1744-1802), physician, farmer, congressman, general officer in Continental during Revolutionary

Tom Herr, MLB second baseman

Milton S. Hershey (1857-1945), chocolatier, founder of the Hershey

S. Dale High, chairman of High Industries

Rev.Earl Honaman (1904-1982), Suffragan Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Central

The Innocence Mission, band from Lancaster (performed the hit song “Bright as Yellow”)

Travis Jankowski, professional player

Taylor Kinney, and model

Dan Kreider, fullback

Floyd Landis, professional bicycle racer

D. Ross Lederman (1894-1972),

Frank B. McClain (1864-1925), of Lancaster(24th), , Lt Gov of (1914)

Alexander McNair, first Governor of

Thomas Mifflin, merchant, politician, governor of

Anna Balmer Myers, author of early 20th-century novels centered in Lancaster

Clarence Charles Newcomer (1923-2005), 

Karin Olah (born 1977), contemporary , collage, and fiber

Amish Outlaws, cover band

Nguyen Chanh Thi (1923-2007),  of the Republic of Vietnam general, retired to Lancaster

John Parrish, MLB relief pitcher

Barry Pearl (born 1950),

Molly Picon (1898-1992), actress, died in Lancaster

John F. Reynolds (1820-1863), U.S. major general, Civil

Charles Carl Roberts (1973-2006), gunman in the West Nickel Mines School shooting

Keegan Rosenberry, professional player, Philadelphia Union

Brad Rutter, Jeopardy! champion

Theodore Emanuel Schmauk (1860-1920), Lutheran theologian, educator

Frank H. Shaw (1882-1950), civil engineer

Pete Snyder, founder of New Strategies

Thaddeus Stevens (1792-1868), U.S. representative, Republican

John Stockton, territorial legislator

Daniel B. Strickler (1897-1992), U.S. lieutenant general, lieutenant governor

Bruce Sutter, Hall of Fame pitcher

William G. Thompson, of Detroit,  1881-83

Julian Valentin, professional player

Zarek Valentin, professional player

Junior Vasquez, club DJ, remixer, producer

Robert S. Walker, U.S. representative, Republican

James Weaver, Angels pitcher

Andrew Wenger, professional player

Suzanne Westenhoefer, comedian

William Whipper (1804–1876), African , activist

Charlotte  (1782–1863), first unmarried female missionary, arrived in in 1816

Marianne Wiggins, author

Kristen Wiig, actress and comedian

Michael Willis,

Richard Winters, U.S. paratrooper portrayed in Stephen Ambrose's 1992 and miniseries Band of Brothers

Cam Gallagher Professional Player for the  Royals

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