Roscrea is a market  in  Tipperary, , which in 2016 had a population of 5,446.

Roscrea is one of the oldest towns in , having developed around the 7th century monastery of Saint Crónán of Roscrea, parts of which remain preserved today.

Roscrea is a designated Irish  due to the extent of important historical buildings that are preserved in the .

Amongst the most notable buildings of interest are the 13th century Roscrea Castle and Damer House on Castle Street.

Within the are the remains of the ancient Romanesque doorway and gable-end of St Cronan's .

The Round Tower and the High cross of the ancient monastery are also located nearby.

Also of interest in the are the remains of the 15th century Franciscan Friary and Monaincha and Sean Ross Abbeys.

One of the most famous books produced by the monastery is the 8th-century  of Dimma currently on display at Trinity College, Dublin

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