Open-source software

Open-source (OSS) is that is distributed under a license that allows users to use, study, edit, and distribute the program and its source code to anyone and for any purpose.

Open-source may be created in a , collaborative . Open-source is a popular example of open collaboration, as any skilled user may engage in development online, increasing the of potential contributors indefinitely.

The ability to see the code promotes trust in the product.

Open-source development might bring in viewpoints that are different from those of a particular corporation.

According to a 2008 estimate by the Standish Group, the adoption of open-source models has resulted in savings of around $60 billion for customers.

Open source code can be used for and allows capable end users to adapt to their personal needs in the same way that user scripts and custom style sheets allow for web sites, and eventually publish the modification as a for users with similar preferences, and directly submit potential improvements as pull requests.

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