Euchromia dubia

Euchromia dubia is a of belonging to the family Erebidae, which is found in Central and , including , , and . It is also known by the common name of Dubious Euchromia.

The adult has a distinctive appearance with vibrant metallic blue and colors on its wings, which help it to blend in with its surroundings in the . The wingspan of the is around 5-7 cm.

The caterpillar of Euchromia dubia feeds on in the family Solanaceae, including tomatoes, peppers, and potatoes. It has a with stripes along the sides, and two pairs of orange horns on its head and tail.

Euchromia dubia is not considered a pest , and its role in the ecosystem is not well understood. However, its striking appearance and importance make it a popular subject of study among and enthusiasts.

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