Economy of the United States

The ’ economy is a highly developed market economy.

It has the world’s largest economy in terms of nominal GDP and net worth, and the second-largest in terms of purchasing power parity (PPP) after .

The possesses the world’s most technologically advanced and inventive economy.

Its companies are at or near the cutting edge of scientific advancements, particularly in artificial intelligence, computers, pharmaceuticals, and medical, aeronautical, and military .

Population 332,403,650 (1-Jan-2022)
GDP $24.79 trillion (est 2022)
GDP rank1st (nominal; 2022) 2nd (PPP; 2022)
GDP per capita $74,725 (est 2022)
GDP per capita rank7th (nominal; 2022) 8th (PPP; 2022)
Average gross salary$63,093 (2018)
Median gross salary $1,010 weekly (Q4, 2021)
Exports $2.127 trillion (2020)
Main export partners European Union  Canada  Mexico  China  
Imports $2.808 trillion (2020)
Main import partners China  European Union  Mexico  Canada  
Gross external debt $21.3 trillion (December 2020)
Public debt 128.6% of GDP (FY 2020)
Foreign reserves$41.8 billion (August 2020)

The dollar is the most widely used in international transactions and the world’s primary reserve , supported by its economy, military, the petrodollar , and a significant U.S. treasury market.

It is the official money of certain nations and the de facto of others.

, the European Union, , , , , Korea, the United Kingdom, and Taiwan are the top trading partners of the .

The is the world’s greatest importer and the world’s second-largest exporter.

It has free trade agreements in place or negotiations with a number of nations, including the USMCA, , Korea, , and others.