Allegheny River

The Allegheny is a 325-mile (523 km) long headwater stream of the Ohio River in western Pennsylvania and , .

The Allegheny runs from its headwaters just below the middle of 's northern border northwesterly into then in a zigzag southwesterly across the border and through Western Pennsylvania to join the Monongahela River at the Forks of the  on the “Point” of Point State Park in Downtown Pittsburgh, .

The Allegheny is, by volume, the main headstream of both the and  .

Historically, the Allegheny was considered the upper by both Native Americans and European settlers.

A succession of locks and dams built in the early twentieth century made the shallow passable upstream from to East Brady.

The Allegheny Reservoir, commonly known as Kinzua, is a 24-mile-long section of the upper between Warren and McKean counties in and Cattaraugus in , formed by the of the Kinzua Dam in 1965 for flood control.

The name of the comes from one of a of /Unami phrases that are homophones of the name, with varying translations.

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