Toshkan River

The Toshkan is a river in the Tien Shan mountains in the border area between China and Kyrgyzstan. It is 345 kilometres (214 mi) long, and has a drainage basin of 8,270 square kilometres (3,190 sq mi) in Kyrgyzstan. The Toshkan has its sources in the At-Bashi range and Kakshaal Too south of the Kyrgyzstani

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Ohio River

The Ohio River is a 981-mile (1,579 km) long river in the United States. It is located at the boundary of the Midwestern and Southern United States, flowing southwesterly from far-western Pennsylvania south of Lake Erie to its mouth on the Mississippi River at the southern tip of Illinois. It is the third largest river by discharge volume in the United States and the largest tributary by volume of the north-south flowing Mississippi River that

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Allegheny River

The Allegheny River is a 325-mile (523 km) long headwater stream of the Ohio River in western Pennsylvania and New York, United States. The Allegheny River runs from its headwaters just below the middle of Pennsylvania’s northern border northwesterly into New York then in a zigzag southwesterly across the border and through Western Pennsylvania to join the Monongahela River at the Forks of the Ohio on the “Point” of Point State

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