Axtell, Nebraska

Axtell is a village in western Kearney County, Nebraska, United States. It is part of the Kearney, Nebraska Micropolitan Statistical Area.


The first settlement at Axtell was made in the 1870s. Axtell was incorporated as a village in 1885 when the Burlington & Missouri River Railroad was extended to that point. It was named for a railroad worker.

Bethphage Mission

Axtell, Nebraska‘s Bethphage Mission is a historic building. It was built for the Augustana Evangelical Lutheran Church in 1913 and consists of various structures. Tabor Hall was finished in 1916, Kidron Hall in 1928, Zion Chapel in 1931, and Bethesda Hall in 1951. They were built in the Swedish National Romantic architectural style, which has stepped gables.