Van Stadens Wind Farm

on Van Stadens Farm outside Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape, was started in September 2012.

The South African , MetroWind, is proceeding with the R550-million project which will provide power to the Nelson Mandela Bay .

The will construct nine 3-megawatt turbines, boosting the local electricity grid, accounting for nearly half the 10 percent target planned for Nelson Mandela Bay, and providing power for around 5 000 homes.

In March 2012 released The Atlas for , helping to identify other suitable sites in the Eastern, Western and Northern Cape provinces, and collating some 30 years' of .

A  displays speed, , direction and estimated power output, and will be regularly updated as new measurements become available.

has excellent sites located along its coast and in several inland areas.

The plans to 42% of all new electricity generation over the next 20 years from renewable sources.

At the moment 90% of its is from coal, leaving an enormous  footprint.

Also participating in the project are the South African Weather Service, the  of Cape 's Climate Analysis Group, and the Council for Scientific and .

The Technical of 's department is also assisting with expertise, while funding is provided by 's Department of , the Danish in SA, and the UN Development Programmer's Facility.

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