Conneaut, Ohio

Conneaut is a in Ashtabula , , , along Erie at the of Conneaut Creek 66 miles (106 km) northeast of Cleveland.

The population was 12,841 at the 2010 Census.

Conneaut is located at the far northeastern corner of the .

Conneaut is located on an old trail, later used by early westbound pioneers. The conneaut comes from the Seneca language, and has a disputed meaning. A Mississauga was located at or near Conneaut, c. 1747.

In 1796, surveyors for the built a log storehouse here, but the permanent settlement dates from 1798.

In 1832 Conneaut was , and was described in 1833 as having a printing office, one meeting house, two taverns, and several stores and shops.

It became a in 1898.

Conneaut was originally named Salem, and the parts surrounding it were named “Lakeville” from 1944 to 1964, though these were eventually combined into what is now known as “Conneaut”.

still refer to parts of Conneaut as Lakeville or Amboy.

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