Maze (2000 film)

Maze is a 2000 about a and sculptor—Lyle Maze (Rob Morrow)—with Tourette syndrome (TS) and obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD), who falls in love with Callie (Laura Linney), the pregnant girlfriend of Maze's best friend Mike (Craig Sheffer) while Mike is away on a long stay in as a .

Directed byRob Morrow
byNicole Burdette
Rob Morrow
Produced byLemore Syvan
Debbon Ayer
StarringRob Morrow
Laura Linney
Craig Sheffer
CinematographyWolfgang Held
Edited byGary Levy
byBobby Previte

Starz Encore
Andora Pictures
Distributed byRegent
DEJ Productions
Release dateOctober 10, 2000 (AFI Festival) 9, 2001 (Limited release)
Running time98 minutes
Box office$16,974 ()

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