Columbia vs Colombia

and are two different things.

is the of the of in the .

It is also the name of a that flows through the of the and .

Additionally, is the name of the personification of the , often depicted as a woman wearing a and a cap of .

In the field of , is a prestigious located in .

Finally, is also the name of a space shuttle that was part of the NASA Space Shuttle program.

On the other hand, is a located in .

It is the fourth-largest in the and the third-most populous, with over 50 million .

is bordered by to the northwest, to the east, to the southeast, and and to the south.

The has a varied , with the running through the center and the in the south.

is known for its and cultural richness, as well as its of instability and violence.

However, in recent years the has made significant progress in reducing violence and improving its .

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