Dock Square

Dock Square in downtown Boston is a square adjacent to Faneuil Hall, bounded by Congress Street, North Street, and the steps of the 60 Street office tower. Its name derives from its original (17th-century) location at the waterfront.

From the 1630s through the early 19th century, it served boats in the Boston Harbor as “the common landing , at Bendell's Cove,” later called Dock. “Around the dock was transacted the chief mercantile of the .” After the waterfront was filled in in the early 19th century, Dock Square continued as a center of for some years.

The in the 1960s of  Center changed the and character of the square from a hub of life, to a one merely passes through. As of the 1950s the square has become largely a tourist spot, with the Freedom Trail running through it.

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