Toshkan River

The Toshkan is a in the Tien Shan in the border area between and Kyrgyzstan.

It is 345 kilometres (214 mi) long, and has a drainage basin of 8,270 square kilometres (3,190 sq mi) in Kyrgyzstan.

The Toshkan has its sources in the At-Bashi range and Kakshaal Too south of the Kyrgyzstani of Naryn.

In its uppermost course, upstream of the confluences with the Müdürum and Kökkyya, it is called Aksay; from these confluences to the border with , it is called Kakshaal.

It then flows towards the east and into the Xinjiang province of .

It continues east, running parallel to the Tien Shan , until its confluence with the Aksu near the Aksu.

The Toshkan is the largest of the Aksu.

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