Stock exchange

An exchange where stockbrokers and traders may and sell assets, such as shares of , , and other , is known as a , exchange, or .

The creation and redemption of such and instruments as well as events, such as the payment of and dividends, may be accommodated by exchanges.

issued by listed firms, unit trusts, , products, and are examples of traded on a .

Buyers and sellers complete deals in a central , such as the exchange floor, or by using an electronic trading platform, which is how exchanges sometimes operate as “continuous auction” markets.

A must be listed on a certain before it may be traded there.

Even while there is typically a central site for maintaining records, is becoming less dependent on locations as modern markets employ electronic communication networks, which have the advantages of higher speed and lower costs.

Only brokers that are members of the exchange are permitted to on the exchange.

Other trading venues, including electronic communication networks, alternative trading platforms, and “dark pools,” have largely displaced traditional exchanges as trading hubs in recent years.

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