Epic Games v. Apple

Epic Games v. Apple is a lawsuit brought by Epic Games against Apple in August 2020 in the Court for the Northern of , related to Apple’s practices in the iOS App Store.

Epic Games specifically had challenged Apple’s restrictions on apps from having other in-app purchasing methods outside of the one offered by the App Store.

Epic Games’ founder Tim Sweeney had previously challenged the 30% revenue cut that Apple takes on each purchase made in the App Store, and with their game Fortnite, wanted to either bypass Apple or have Apple take less of a cut.

Epic implemented changes in Fortnite intentionally on August 13, 2020, to bypass the App Store payment , prompting Apple to block the game from the App Store and leading to Epic filing its lawsuit.

Apple filed a countersuit, asserting Epic purposely breached its terms of contract with Apple to goad it into action, and defended itself from Epic’s suit.